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Merlin Morgana

Yellow & Black House Sweater

Yellow & Black House Sweater

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The Yellow & Black House Sweater:

These are our Merlin Morgana standard-issue charcoal-color house sweaters for most wizarding schools in the United Kingdom and abroad! Perfect for any witch or wizard getting sorted into their new house. Especially those who find themselves in the house of the loyal and hardworking. The material is a warm, light, and comfortable wool blend sweater with only the best quality involved. The measurements below are in inches, please be sure to check your own measurements and compare them to the sizing posted below. Measurements should be taken across the chest from the underarm seam to the opposite seam and from the back of the neck to the bottom of the garment.   

Sizing Chart:


YS - Youth Small - 11" Chest  -  19" Length

YM - Youth Medium - 12" Chest  - 20" Length

YL - Youth Large  - 13" Chest  -  21" Length 


WXS - Women Extra Small  - 15" Chest -  22" Length  

WS - Women Small -17" Chest -  24” Length  

WM  - Women Medium -19" Chest  -  25" Length

WL - Women Large - 21" Chest -  25" Length

WXL - Women X Large - 24" Chest -  26" Length


MS - Men Small - 24" Chest - 27" Length

MXL - Men X Large - 25" Chest - 29" Length

MXXL - Men XX-Large - 26" Chest  - 30" Length

[We personally recommend ordering a size up due to the shrinkage effect on the materials upon a few washes.]

About Merlin Morgana:

Merlin Morgana is a wizarding wand shop that specializes in handmade wands made of 100% real wood as well as custom wands & wand designs. We only use the best wand woods as selected by our wandmaker Ollivander Pendragon. At Merlin Morgana, we are a diverse group of witches and wizards dedicated to the enjoyment of our customers. We do not only just make wands, we have a great selection of wizarding robes, garments, ties, sweaters, and much more. We are always adding to our evergrowing collection of wizarding goods so be sure to visit us another time as well. For more information on us, you can click here to see our About page.     

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