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Merlin Morgana

Wand Insurance

Wand Insurance

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Wand Insurance:

Wand insurance is almost as essential as the wand itself. It happens, wands do break on occasion. Nearly every wandmaker imaginable cringes at the site of a wizard sitting on their now precious broken wand after momentarily forgetting it was in their back pocket. This is why we offer wand insurance before every purchase of one of our wands, our wand insurance covers any damage in regards to breaks, chips, and defects our wands succumb to for a full year after your purchase of a wand. 

For instance, if you buy wand insurance on February 10th, 2023 then that insurance would last from that date the following year (February 10th, 2024). Wand insurance may only be purchased at the time of purchase of your wand, wand insurance may not be purchased separately once the wand has been purchased. Upon purchase of the insurance you will not receive a physical piece of parchment but you will however be emailed a wand insurance document that you may print out at any given time for your own personal records. It will have your own personal ID number for your wand as well as the expiry date on the certificate. We cannot service wands past their insurance coverage date however if you contact us before your insurance expires for renewal the renewal will only be $4.99 compared to $7.99 and you will receive an updated wand insurance document.  

About Merlin Morgana:

Merlin Morgana The United States of America’s most trusted wandmaker since the shop’s founding in 1779 less than three years after the country’s founding. Merlin Morgana during the infantile years of the nation acted as the sole proprietor for a witch & wizard’s every need. Merlin Morgana is certainly famous for the craftsmanship of their wands, every wand is derived from a single piece of signature wand wood individually handmade, hand-turned, carved using a wood lathe, given a magical core & completed to perfection by our signature wand crafters but that is far from what it is only famous for. The latest and greatest from the top brands in American broomsticks, wizarding fashion, and general wizarding supplies as well as rare ancient magical artifacts from all parts of the globe in fact the famous witch & wizard after which the shop itself was named (Merlin of The Round Table & Morgana Le Fey) were powerful in their own right but worked together to collect, discover and preserve artifacts thought to be conduits of ancient magic. The founder of the first Merlin Morgana a man named Gregor Morgan would profess to be a longtime descendant of Merlin himself to anybody within shouting distance… whether that is true depends on who you ask…


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