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Merlin Morgana

Red & Yellow House Sweater Vest

Red & Yellow House Sweater Vest

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The Red & Yellow House Sweater Vest:

These are our Merlin Morgana standard-issue charcoal color house sweater vests for most wizarding schools in the United Kingdom and abroad! The material is a warm, light, and comfortable wool blend sweater with only the best quality involved.   

Wandcrafters Signature Collection:

This item is a part of our Wandcrafters Signature Wizarding Fashion Collection, each of the pieces in this collection is hand-designed by our team at Merlin Morgana. Every Wandcrafters Signature clothing piece is sold for a total of three months, once those three months are up new designs are released and the old designs are archived never to be released again. Also please be aware that each piece is sized to your order. Depending on the item, modifications needed (or available), and the spells needed to hem them together it may be a delay of up to a week before your wares are shipped. For more information please contact us directly to get an estimation if you need your wizarding fashion on a deadline or to reserve a style for purchase. 

Sizing Chart:
YS - Youth Small - 11" Chest  -  19" Length
YM - Youth Medium - 12" Chest  - 20" Length
YL - Youth Large  - 13" Chest  -  21" Length 
WXS - Women Extra Small  - 15" Chest -  22" Length  
WS - Women Small -17" Chest -  24” Length  
WM  - Women Medium -19" Chest  -  25" Length
WL - Women Large - 21" Chest -  25" Length
WXL - Women X Large - 24" Chest -  26" Length
MS - Men Small - 24" Chest - 27" Length
MXL - Men X Large - 25" Chest - 29" Length
MXXL - Men XX-Large - 26" Chest  - 30" Length

About Merlin Morgana:

Merlin Morgana The United States of America’s most trusted wandmakers since the shop’s founding in 1779 less than three years after the country’s founding. Merlin Morgana during the infantile years of the nation acted as the sole proprietor for a witch & wizard’s every need. Merlin Morgana is certainly famous for the craftsmanship of their wands, every wand is derived from a single piece of signature wand wood individually handmade, hand-turned, carved using a wood lathe, given a magical core & completed to perfection by our signature wandcrafters but that is far from what it is only famous for. The latest and greatest from the top brands in American broomsticks, wizarding fashion, and general wizarding supplies as well as rare ancient magical artifacts from all parts of the globe in fact the famous witch & wizard after which the shop itself was named (Merlin of The Round Table & Morgana Le Fey) were powerful in their own right but worked together to collect, discover and preserve artifacts thought to be conduits of ancient magic. The founder of the first Merlin Morgana a man named Gregor Morgan would profess to be a longtime descendant of Merlin himself to anybody within shouting distance… whether that is true depends on who you ask…

More Information & Support:

If you do not see an item in our available wares on our site that does NOT mean by any stretch of your wildest imagination that we do not have it in our dungeon. Our dungeon is charmed with some of the best engorgement spells around, we have a near-endless supply stretching back over 243 years, and depending on the item we try our best to accommodate custom requests. We also offer event/large-party pricing for several of our items no matter the occasion! Please feel free to contact one of our hired service elves managing our 24/7 live chat for more information, any questions, or assistance that you may need in any way. They will be more than happy to assist you!

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