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Merlin Morgana

Morgana Le Fay's European Yew Wand

Morgana Le Fay's European Yew Wand

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Morgana Le Fay's European Yew Wand:

The wand is handmade of european yew wood & contains an unknown magical core placed inside of the wand. Ollivander Pendragon our wandmaker only uses the best wand woods for any of his signature wands, this wand being no exception. The wand shown measures 15 inches in length, sports a 9.75-inch shaft, as well as a 4.25-inch handle, and has an approximate diameter of 3/4 of an inch at its widest point. Further information about your wand’s core will be included in your Wand Certificate after purchase. 

What’s Included:

Your Chosen Wand 

Merlin Morgana Signature Wand Bag 

Wand Ownership Certificate (Digital)

Wand Registration Form (Digital)

Copy of Beginners Basics In Wandcare by Sebastian Sweeting (Digital)  

Entry into The Wizard of The Month Contest 

Wand's Properties: 

Ollivander Pendragon had this to say about this wand’s wood:

“This wand and the corresponding wand wood in particular is known to be the wand of Morgana La Fey. Morgana Le Fay in wizarding history is known as The Enchantress Queen, she displayed magic at such an early age wizardkind at the time believed her to be a dark witch in the making. Despite this Morgana became one of the most accomplished witches of her age, her wand was one of European Yew Wood a very rare wand wood only found in certain forests scattered across select parts of Britain and France. This wood is known to harness magic in ways some may deem impossible, this wand is known to grow even deeper attachments to its owners than even some of the finest wands we sell.” 

About Merlin Morgana:

Merlin Morgana is a wizarding wand shop that specializes in handmade wands made of 100% real wood as well as custom wands & wand designs. We only use the best wand woods as selected by our wandmaker Ollivander Pendragon. At Merlin Morgana, we are a diverse group of witches and wizards dedicated to the enjoyment of our customers. We do not only just make wands, we have a great selection of wizarding robes, garments, ties, sweaters, and much more. We are always adding to our evergrowing collection of wizarding goods so be sure to visit us another time as well. For more information on us, you can click here to see our About page.     

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