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Merlin Morgana

Ancient Magic Mug

Ancient Magic Mug

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Ancient Magic Mug:

This Ancient Magic Mug displays ancient runes all around the mug, these ruins are believed to be copies of the ones left behind by Merlin himself. These traces of ancient magic are represented by the outlining runes in light blue. Inside the mug is 100% stainless steel and is made of the strongest and finest made resin to insure a smooth and sturdy finish. The Ancient Magic Mug can hold more than 20 fluid ounces or 600 ml of liquid inside of it and is designed to keep your drinks cooler for longer (no cooling spells needed)

About Merlin Morgana:

Merlin Morgana is a wizarding wand shop that specializes in handmade wands made of 100% real wood as well as custom wands & wand designs. We only use the best wand woods as selected by our wandmaker Ollivander Pendragon. At Merlin Morgana, we are a diverse group of witches and wizards dedicated to the enjoyment of our customers. We do not only just make wands, we have a great selection of wizarding robes, garments, ties, sweaters, and much more. We are always adding to our evergrowing collection of wizarding goods so be sure to visit us another time as well. For more information on us, you can click here to see our About page.     

Shipping & Processing:

Although all of the products marked handmade are in fact handmade some of our products (including this listing) are handmade using production assistance from one of our many worldwide Merlin Morgana Wizarding Partners in order to provide the best quality possible on every single one of our products. Merlin Morgana has enlisted the help of the wizarding community worldwide in order to provide our customers with the best pricing on high-quality and unique products. Due to this, we do anticipate longer arrival times on this particular listing.

We anticipate an estimated maximum arrival time of 25 days with a minimal arrival time of a week, perhaps less. Please keep this in mind when making your purchase.

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