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Merlin's Ancient Wand : A History

Merlin's wand is of English Oak wood is exactly 15 1/8th inches in length, more than reasonably pliant but the remains unknown to this day. Merlin himself is more or less the most famous wizard of all time. Even Merlin was not without his secrets including the use of dark & ancient magic coming to the public eye... 

Ollivander Pendragon of The Nightly Prophet reporting on the findings of a relatively unknown curse-breaker who has found the infamous Book of Merlin, the text is a leather- bound book found deep inside Merlin's well preserved & hidden tomb. Merlin's Tomb was never officially known to exist but rumors scurried across the wizarding community rather quickly and many grew to believe in their existence. Just a few short weeks ago it was officially found, and just a few days before this issue is published the book was opened and transcribed (it had been protected by many complex jinxes & puzzles produced by Merlin's own wand). Inside the book, the location of Merlin's wand was revealed as well as details into it's properties. The translations reveal (as stated in the start of the issue) that Merlin's wand was of English Oak wood. This wand wood itself is known to be one of the more loyal wand woods there are, wands from this wood according to several cited wandmakers are known to seek witches and wizards that display great feats of strength seemingly a perfect fit for the Merlin of legend. When the book was finished being fully transcribed several details of Merlin's wand were revealed...

Painting of Merlin and his wand in a gold frame

I. Merlin's Wand Was Passed Down To Him

According to the newfound evidence in the Book of Merlin, Merlin himself was orphaned at a young age his father & mother who were never recorded or found. But in the texts supposedly handwritten by Merlin himself it says that when he was orphaned he was left with nothing more than the wand that belonged to his father.  

Painting of Merlin with King Arthur on horseback in a golden frame

II. The Wand's Core Is Unknown

Upon examining the wand many versed in wandlore have tried to tell what magical core lay inside of the wand but none have been able to make a concrete answer to the question. Typically only snapping the wand in half will tell but considering Merlin's Wand is now considered a national artefact we may never know for sure unless Merlin's writings that have yet to be found suggest otherwise. Each wandmaker has their own magical theory when it comes to Merlin's wand core but it may just be a mystery that lives on for centuries to come.   

Black and white etching of ancient wizard in gold frame

III. The Wand's Creator Was The First Recorded Maker Of Wands 

The wand has the maker's mark of the wandmaker simply known as Arturious, although descriptions and even broken pieces of his wands remain Merlin's wand is now the only known surviving Arturious wand in existence. Arturious lived over 5,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. Although not much apart from that is known about him we do know that he is the earliest recorded example of any wandmaker. Many in the wizarding community have at once claimed to have a real Arturious wand none besides Merlin's have ever been confirmed as genuine.  

Merlin occult painting in gold frame

IV. The Wand Has Been Tainted In The Dark Arts

The transcribed text goes into great length on how the wand was supposedly hexed by an ancient entity of evil, but more modern experts in ancient relics would suggest that it was Merlin himself who applied the dark art hexes to his own wand in case his wand were to ever fall into the wrong hands. Even with three fully armed curse-breaking squads examining the wand none were able to wield it or touch it without being blasted backwards and harmfully jinxed. The wizarding community is currently split on whether they believe that Merlin used the dark arts or not but the fact remains his wand in it's current state remains traced with very dark magic.

Merlin's Tomb by Alexandre-Evariste Fragonard in circular golden frame

V. The Wand Has An Heir, Morgana Le Fey

Towards the end of the Book of Merlin the handwriting starts to trail off almost into mad scribbling, barely able to be translated it is believed to have said that the wand should be passed onto Morgana Le Fay. Morgana was a prominent witch frequently in association with Merlin during his lifetime, according to record Morgana Le Fay died less than ten years after Merlin himself and the creation of the tomb. Since there are no Le Fay descendants, the wand remains with the various curse-breaking squads employed by the wizarding community to keep the wand safe from anyone the wand could harm.   


As the story into Merlin's past unfolds, we at The Nightly Prophet will continue to report the details as they come to us. 

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Ollivander Pendragon

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