What is a wand ownership certificate?
It is exactly how it sounds, it is a certificate verifying the ownership of your wand and authenticating it is a true Merlin Morgana original wand.  The wand ownership certificate will include information on your wand's core, wood, length and other information as it relates to your wand. 
Which wand wood is the most strongest of them all?
A very loaded question that requries quite an extensive knowledge of wandlore... Fortunately we do have an issue of The Nightly Prophet that covers this topic in great detail called Most Powerful Wand Woods : A Study by Ollivander Pendragon. If you'd like to give it a read click here.
How long does a wand typically take to make?
Most of our wands take us around 4-5 days to handmake before they are shipped by owl to their new owners.
Who is Ollivander Pendragon?
Ollivander Pendragon is the Senior Editor at The Nightly Prophet but also Head Wandkeeper & Lead Wandmaker at Merlin Morgana. You could say Ollivander is a man of many hats.
Do you do custom designed wands?
Yes in fact we do! Contact us for further information on our custom wands
What is a wand registration form?
A wand registration form comes standard issue with a purchase of a wand as a digital copy, the wand registration form will have places to fill out specifics of your wand to be officially registered with your countries wand laws and or restrictions.
What can I expect to find in Beginners Basics In Wandcare by Sebastian Sweeting?
You can expect to find a four page digital booklet on the basics and essentials in taking proper care of your wand and the importance of regular routine maintence.  
Are the wands made out of real wood?
We are very proud to say that every single one of our wands is made out of 100% real wood and handmade from scratch.
How do I attend my own personal wand ceremony?
By clicking here
What if I do not like the wand that is chosen for me?
They say the wand chooses the witch or wizard but many forget that it is also up to the witch or wizard to accept the wand as well.  
I am taking the wand quiz for someone as a gift? Will that still work for choosing the right wand?
If you know your friend well enough, that should be not an issue at all.
Is there anything that makes your wands stand out from the rest?
Yes in fact we pride ourselves on being the best handmade wand on the market, as well as being the lightest. We believe a wand that has a great carved form as well as a careless light feel makes for the best type of wands. Our wands are made of 100% real wood and they are made to be very light upon picking up. 
How much does one wand cost?
Some of our wand designs vary based off of complexity but for most of our wands it is our standard price of $34.99 USD, some of our rarer wands are priced at $39.99. However these prices are subject to change based on our various promotions and discounts that take place throughout the year so be on the lookout for your owl with those offers.
How long has Merlin Morgana been around in the wizarding community?
For over 487 years, Merlin Morgana has been serving witches and wizards of all ages with every one of their wizarding needs for nearly half a millenia and will continue to do so well into the next millenia. 
Is each wand you sell handmade?
Every single wand bearing the Merlin Morgana name has been created by hand and made to order by one of our many talented wandcrafters in our employ.  
I've noticed you do not list the wand's core anywhere in the description? Do these wands not have a core?
You'd be correct in your observation that there is no description of a core anywhere in any of our wand descriptions. However that does not mean that our wands do not possess a magical core inside of the wand itself as it is the belief here at Merlin Morgana that the core must be made to fit the wand as the wand is being handcrafted. Upon purchasing one of our wands you will recieve in your email a copy of your Wand Ownership Certificate and on there you will find your wand's core information.
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